The founder of Ostomyland carries out a four day trial on AcuBond Strips

“It’s very safe to say that I’ve been blown away by it!
What a fantastic little product this is!”

“The SB2 handles showering very well. No water got underneath and neither did it penetrate into the outer most layer of the extender which is covered with a water resistant and pearlescent-looking plastic. Whilst my flange was leaking the extender itself securely held back the stool output even though my stoma was trying its utmost to embarrass me and pump out enough stool to allow it to break out to freedom. AcuBond Strips SB2The SB2 held its ground allowing me to get home a few hours later with my dignity, and colostomy security, intact. In my opinion you cannot ask anything more of a flange extender than that.”

“Very soft to wear. The ‘holy grail’ of adhesives – sticks when you need it to but can be removed very easily as desired”

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