Summer Travel Tips

It’s that time of the year when you can put your feet up and relax on your summer holiday, read our helpful tips for your trip and enjoy your time away.

Getting there…

  1. Order a greater amount than usual on your prescription to ensure you have enough of what you need over your holiday and so you are not worrying whilst you are away.
  2. Place all your supplies in clear bags along with the box label in order to avoid any problems whilst going through airport security.
  3. Keep your supplies in your hand luggage in case anything goes awry with your hold luggage.
  4. We have adhesive remover wipes and barrier film wipes which are great for taking on the plane with you. (Independence No Sting Adhesive Remover Wipes – ARW1 and Independence No Sting Barrier Film Wipes – BW1). If you prefer to use an adhesive remover spray (such as our Independence Adhesive Remover Spray – RS1) check with your individual airline about whether you are allowed to take it on board.
  5. Take something to firm up output whilst on the plane such as our Independence Absorbent Strips – P200AS.

Product pack shot
When you’re there…

  1. If you are holidaying abroad, use bottled water to clean around your stoma rather than tap water.
  2. Ensure you have more than enough supplies with you at all times, especially if you go on any excursions.
  3. Having a stoma is no reason not to enjoy a swim in the pool or the sea, use extra security to keep your appliance in place such as our AcuBond Strips – SB2 or our SilBond Silicone Glue – SB1. SilBond Silicone Glue is great for an active lifestyle and provides excellent security where other products may struggle.

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