SilBond Silicone Glue (SB1)


Sticks your appliance securely even in the presence of perspiration and moisture.

  • Do you have problems making your appliance stick securely?
  • Do you want added security for your appliance?
  • Then why not try SilBond?

SB1 uses


  • Available on UK prescription
  • Provides added security for your appliance
  • Your appliance stays securely in place even in the presence of perspiration and moisture
  • Great for an active lifestyle
  • 30ml bottle


  • Prepare the skin with Independence Non-Sting Barrier Film Wipes (BW1)
  • Apply glue sparingly to the appliance with the brush, NOT directly to the skin
  • Leave for a few moments to go tacky and then place appliance to the skin
  • When you need to change the appliance, remove any residual glue with Independence Adhesive Remover Spray (RS1) or Independence Non-Sting Adhesive Remover Wipes (ARW1)

Recommended Accessories


Adhesive Remover Spray
Code: RS1


Barrier Film Wipes
Code: BW1


Adhesive Remover Wipes
Code: ARW1


“Very many thanks for sending me the sample of SilBond. I wish I had known about this product before. It arrived yesterday and I have used it in changing my pouch yesterday and this morning. It is now clear that I can confidently use the SilBond to greatly reduce the number of changes I have to make as well as (at last!!!!) have confidence in the security of my pouch.
I have had this item added to my repeat prescription order form and will be using it regularly from now on.
I would not recommend the use of this product unless there is an adhesive remover to hand. otherwise 5*****.”

Mr AHW, Devon

“This product is amazing and unlike paste I’ve had to use, SilBond causes no stinging. A fantastic product and I want to inform you of this. Thank you and please keep me informed of any further products I may find useful as I have a permanent ileostomy”

Janine Taylor, Pontefract

“Love the glue! Gives added security and complete confidence. Use on special occasions”

Ms P Stoll, Abbotsley

“After suffering from a leaky stoma for 13 years I can put the glue on away from the scar tissue and I only have a small stoma, and it works! Good work and thank you so much!”

Marjorie Robinson, Whitby, North Yorkshire

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