Independence Adhesive Remover (RS1)


Independence Adhesive Remover Spray RS1
Independence Adhesive Remover Spray breaks down adhesive for fast and effective removal of stubborn sticky residue…

  • Non-sting
  • No alcohol
  • Handy 50ml can

We have listened to patient and nurse feedback and have therefore made some improvements to our 50ml Independence Adhesive Remover Spray (RS1). New spray delivery technology means :
360 degree spray technology

  • 100% usage
  • Sprays warm, not cold!
  • Works at any angle


Independence Adhesive Remover Spray RS1

  • Available on UK prescription
  • The aerosol breaks down adhesives and provides a fast and effective removal of sticky residue from appliances

RS1 twist-cap

  • No fiddly lid because of its unique twist-top cap design
  • Bag-in-valve technology means it works at any angle, even upside down!
  • 100% usage, aerosol now empties fully from the can
  • Skin friendly, warmer spray without ‘chilly’ aerosol propellant
  • Handly 50ml size
  • Non-sting
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol


Independence Adhesive Remover Spray RS1

  • Carefully spray onto stubborn areas to assist with removal of residual adhesive.
  • Do not spray near eyes, on face or onto broken or sore skin.
  • Gently peel away appliance from skin.


Independence Adhesive Remover Spray RS1

“They’re all good; do the job and make life easier”

Patricia Gash, Berkshire

“Many thanks for the excellent service in sending the samples. They arrived earlier this week and I am so pleased to be able to remove ‘the sticky stuff’ easily. The product, the supply of the sample and the accompanying information, including your email, were all excellent – again, Thank You!”

Shirley D

Material Safety Data Sheet

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