Independence Absorbent Strips (P200AS)


Absorbent Strips P200AS
Now you are in control…

  • These absorbent strips convert fluid into a gel – Reducing odour and staining
  • Solidifies waste – Reducing pouch noise
  • Quicker, cleaner waste solidification – Allows easier handling and disposal
  • Pack size: 200 strips

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Absorbent Strips P200AS

  • Available on UK prescription
  • Wafer-like strips converts liquid stools into a gel
  • Aids in reducing pouch noise, odour and staining
  • Quicker, cleaner waste solidification allows for easier handling and disposal
  • Put one or more strips into your ostomy* pouch to fit your needs


* Not suitable for Urostomists


Absorbent Strips P200AS

  • Put the absorbent strips into your pouch through the top opening
  • If you use a drainable pouch you may add further strips via the opening each time you empty

We recommend approx. 3 strips for 100mls of output, but you can add more or less strips depending on how solid you want your output to be.


Absorbent Strips P200AS
“The absorbent strips are very good and we now use them and it is good to find a flange extender which you can rely on”

Patient, London

Material Safety Data Sheet

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