NEW – Independence Extra Sticky Wound Protection/Collection Pouch (EA2)



The Independence Extra Sticky Wound Pouch has been designed for occasions when dry protection around the Peritoneal Dialysis catheter exit site is required.

The robust adhesive wafer provides an optimum seal preventing water from entering the catheter site and minimises the potential risk of infection.

  • Can be used for swimming, showering and bathing
  • Extra sticky adhesive ensures security and confidence and allows extended wear-time
  • Quick and easy application; no need for additional adhesives
  • Convenient pre-cut adhesive wafer provides easy-access for most users
  • Hypoallergenic, suitable for most skin types
  • Latex free
  • Pack size: 10 pouches

To order visit or call 0800 160 1399.



Features and benefits

  • Curved shape lies comfortably and discreetly against natural body contours.
  • Robust seal prevents water from entering the exit site and minimises the potential risk of infection.
  • Can be used for swimming, bathing and showering.
  • Extra sticky adhesive stays secure in the presence of heat, perspiration, moisture and water.
  • Provides the wearer with extra security, confidence and extended wear-time.
  • Pre-cut wafer for quick easy access and convenience.
  • Latex free and hypoallergenic material reduces the risk of allergic reaction and is suitable for most skin types.


How to use

Before removing release paper backing, gently insert any catheter or drain into the pouch via the opening. Then peel back the paper tab and remove the protective paper exposing the adhesive.

Smooth over the back of the adhesive area with your fingers and press carefully but firmly around the edge to ensure adequate adhesion.

To remove, gently peel downwards whilst holding the skin above the adhesive with your free hand.

Carefully fold the pouch onto itself adhering the adhesive to the lower part of the pouch and dispose of in general household waste.

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