AcuBond Strips (SB2)


AcuBond Strips SB2
Why stick another hydrocolloid frame on top of a hydrocolloid flange if the first hydrocolloid doesn’t stick? Try our AcuBond foam strips!

  • Extra-sticky foam adhesive strips for your appliance
  • Gives you ultimate security when using your appliance
  • The foam strips are flexible, so bend when you bend
  • Pack size: 30 strips

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AcuBond Strips SB2

  • Available on UK prescription
  • Extra-sticky foam adhesive strips for your appliance
  • Do not break up in water
  • Gives you ultimate security and confidence especially if you suffer from leakages or sticking problems
  • The foam strips are flexible, so bend when you bend!
  • The strips do not contain latex
  • Can be worn for a few days


AcuBond Strips SB2


  1. After ensuring skin is dry and clean, remove the plastic covering from the adhesive. For best results, prepare skin with Independence No Sting Barrier Film Wipes (BW1).
  2. Place the flange extended into position either before or after you have positioned your appliance.
  3. Smooth over the back of the adhesive area with your fingers, pressing it carefully but firmly to ensure good skin adhesion.
  4. To remove, gently peel off along with your appliance whilst holding the skin above the adhesive with your free hand. For sensitive skin use Independence No Sting Adhesive Remover Wipes (ARW1) or Independence Remover Spray (RS1).

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AcuBond Strips SB2
“I have an allergic reaction to adhesive and have been trying samples of extenders, all of which brought me out in a terrible rash, or fell off. On trying yours I have experienced none of this plus, they really stick.”

Mrs R, Cleveland

“I am so pleased to have found Independence Products as they really live up to that name by supplying excellent products, that by using, give confidence. They are of such good quality and a great help to me. The staff at Independence are very helpful and friendly, nothing is too much trouble.”

Mrs Canini, High Wycombe

“Thank you for the samples of the Acubond Strips which I found successful, I have just had my repeat prescription altered to these strips. I already use your Adhesive Remover Wipes and have done for some time.”

Graham Ramsey, Norwich

“Thank you so much for your AcuBond strips. I tried a sample in my Tidings magazine and found it was the product I had been searching for since my ileostomy a year ago. I have been reduced to tears trying to cope with leaks and had tried strips by other manufacturers but no luck. Then I found AcuBond which I find sticks so well and is kind to my skin . I have my confidence back and would like you to know these strips are superb.
Thank you again.”

Jayne Lewis, Southampton

“I do find your Acubond Strips and excellent product. Wish I’d known about them many years ago.”

Ian, Guernsey

“I have to say, I like them very much. They adhere extremely well to my pouch flange and skin. The smooth outer material doesn’t stick to clothing or the pouch itself, and what I like particularly is its convenient handling size. I used three to completely overlap the pouch flange and obtain a real sense of security”

Harvey, Norfolk

“It’s very safe to say that I’ve been blown away by it! What a fantastic little product this is!”

“The SB2 handles showering very well. No water got underneath and neither did it penetrate into the outer most layer of the extender which is covered with a water resistant and pearlescent-looking plastic. Whilst my flange was leaking the extender itself securely held back the stool output even though my stoma was trying its utmost to embarrass me and pump out enough stool to allow it to break out to freedom. The SB2 held its ground allowing me to get home a few hours later with my dignity, and colostomy security, intact. In my opinion you cannot ask anything more of a flange extender than that.”

“Very soft to wear. The ‘holy grail’ of adhesives – sticks when you need it to but can be removed very easily as desired”

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Founder, Ostomyland

“It does the job and does what it says on the tin”

Satisfied User, Hampshire

“You can depend on AcuBond Strips when you go swimming”

Jennifer Brown, Nottingham

“The flange extenders are exceptional! It was the first time my husband has gone three days without having to replace them (flange extenders), with no leaks. With previous products, he was having to replace them sometimes two or three times a day. They have also saved our G.P. money because he is not having to give us a prescription for lots of expensive products, instead it’s for just one which is a lot cheaper!”

(Patient’s wife), Reading

“Thank you so much for my AcuBond strips! The extra stickiness really works! For the first time since having my stoma I was able to go on a long haul flight; in and out of the pool on holiday with such confidence. They have given me a new lease of life.”

Mrs H, East Midlands

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