NHS Spending and Reducing Costs

The need to reduce NHS spend and the lack of funding available to increase budgets is well documented in the media, and has been a recurring story for a while now. Currently, the health service’s budget is £100bn and is only projected to increase by 0.1% this year, meaning that the need to scrape back some of the £30bn deficit over the next few years is more prevalent than ever.

nhs-logoBetween 2000 and 2012 the cost of accessories for stoma patients jumped from £12m to £53m but it is clear that the quality of life for stoma patients is still the most important factor and there should never become a time that stoma patients cannot gain access to the accessories that work for them and help to improve their quality of life.

Independence can save the NHS moneyIt is therefore more important than ever, as an accessories supplier, to deliver innovative and quality products at a low price. As an example, by switching to SilBond Silicone Glue (SB1) from AdvaBond Silicone Glue there is a 24%* saving to be made. Think of this in terms of 1000 units over a year and several patients and the savings to the NHS would be £5710.

For more on how the NHS plan to save money without compromising care read the ‘Better Procurement, Better Value, Better Care’ document.

For more information on the Independence Products’ stoma accessories range visit our product pages.

*prices taken from Drug Tariff August 2014

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