Independence Product Ltd is mentioned in British Journal of Nursing

BJNPat Black, Senior Lecturer at St Marks Institute of GI Nursing explores the use of flange extenders to support patient care in Vol 25, Issue 5 of BJN magazine.

Many stoma patients can go for a number of years without having any problems with appliance adhesion. However, sometimes due to skin type, abnormal skin topography and change in body shape it can be difficult to ensure good adhesion between the skin and the appliance. This can be very stressful for patients as they are constantly mindful of leakage, odour escaping, or appliance not staying on securely. “A flange extender is a potential method of reducing appliance problems relating to the quality of life of the stoma patient who is happy with their appliance in all other respects and prefers not to change their appliance”, says Pat Black who recommends AcuBond Strips (SB1) in her article. Ensuring good appliance adhesion can provide a patient the confidence to do everyday tasks without a second thought, which is one step closer towards improving their quality of life.

Patients who find flange extenders not suitable can try our SilBond Silicone Glue (SB1) with the supervision of a nurse.

With all our adhesive accessories we do recommend patients use Independence No Sting Barrier Wipe (BW1) and Independence No Sting Adhesive Remover Wipe (ARW1) or Independence Adhesive Remover Spray (RS1) to protect their skin while using adhesives.

These accessories might cost the NHS extra money but ultimately ensuring proper appliance adhesion will not only lead to less changes (saving the NHS money on appliances) but also can improve patient quality of life.

Samples of most of our products can be requested through our samples page

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