Awe inspiring people with Ostomies

We have come across some awe inspiring people this week that are helping to draw attention to the subject of IBD, Stomas and everything else surrounding the subject. Blake Beckford, Bethany Townsend and Karin Miller have stood up to the stigma that far too often surrounds having an Ostomy by facing it head on and are helping to educate people and share their own experiences.

Fight with Blake

Blake Beckford

Blake Beckford has started the campaign #FightWithBlake where he urges people with an Ostomy to send in, or tag using the hashtag, the way they have stood up to the stigma and not let it change the way they lead their lives.

For more information on Blake’s campaign visit his website or search for #FightWithBlake on Twitter.

Bethany Townsend

Bethany Townsend

Bethany Townsend caused a stir recently after sharing a picture of herself sunbathing with her colostomy bags visible. The aspiring model decided she wasn’t going to let having a colostomy stand in her way and sent in her picture to Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s Facebook page. The picture and Bethany’s story has been picked up by the media worldwide, inspiring thousands of people living with the condition.

To read more about Bethany, visit the Crohn’s and Colitis UK website.

Karin Miller has started up the website as a must go place for people new to the world of Ostomies after struggling to find practical information herself.

Newbie Ostomy

Karin Miller

The website contains hints and tips, information on food and handy resources.

For more information visit Karin’s website, Newbie Ostomy

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